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over 4 years ago

Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and Minerals - students explore the differences and similarities between rocks and minerals by investigating: samples of these earth materials, performing a series of tests similar to geologists' field tests, reading about rocks and minerals and how they are used.


Activities in the Changes unit expand students' understanding of matter by exploring changes it undergoes as it transitions from solids to liquids and gases.  Students consider the changes to a single substance, water, as they observe it freeze, melt, evaporate, and condense. Then, through a sequence of lessons, students investigate changes involving mixtures of different types of matter.

Plant Growth & Development

In Plant Growth and Development, students have the opportunity to observe each stage in the life cycle of a simple plant. Working with Wisconsin Fast Plants™ (Brassica rapa), which germinate, mature, and go to seed within a 40-day period, students plant seeds and watch the seedlings emerge. Later, they thin and transplant seedlings. As they watch their plants grow, students learn that plants need nutrients from the soil, as well as water and light, to thrive.